My story

I can thank our meeting to my daughter, Lisa who – after having watched Jurassic Park – wanted to see dinosaurs . The Oxford University Museum of Natural History hosts a mighty collection of skeletons of prehistoric animals, so visiting it with my family seemed to be the easiest way. While watching the skeletons, we noticed  a man, who was very engrossed in drawing. We were standing behind him for a long time, and were watching how he was working, but he was lost in his work so much that he did not even perceive us.

When he had a little break, we begun to chat with him. We came to know that Mr. Steven Doma-Miko is a painter who is Hungarian by origin and is now attending the University of Oxford.  Drawing dinosaur skeletons is his examwork. He told us he had been living in Japan for almost 30 years and was a painting teacher at an art college.  When I was young I had been to the Far-East several times, so I was really interested in what he said.

Lisa is very fond of art, she is also quite good at drawing and water-colour painting. She enjoyed herself very much since the painter showed to her a cople of tricks that she can practise at home. As a souvenir, he tore out a drawing from his sketch book and presented to her. “Keep it in a safe place, Lisa, some day it will be very valuable!”

I did not believe I would find his name in the internet, but from curiosity, I looked it up. I was really surprised when I found out that Mr. Doma-Miko is one of the three Royal Court Painters in the world. The Tongan King, Taufa’ahau Tupou IV appointed him His Court Painter. I think his works may be of high value, since they can be found in the collection of the Japanese Emperor and five kings.

Lisa keeps the drawing on her room’s wall, and tells everyone proudly that it is signed by the artist. During drawing and painting, she draws strength from it. She says it brings her good luck. There may be something in it: last year, just a year after the signing, she won the first prize at the school drawing competition.

Richard T. Hamilton


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